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codeigniter 4 in hindi
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Why you need to learn Codeigniter 4…? this is basic question if you re working on Codeigniter 3 they have changed a lot of things in Codeigniter so the first major changes in Codeigniter 4 are the PHP 7 that means your application now has the better speed and they have introduced the spark, modeling data and much more.

You can now use the command to manage your database, built-in pagination functionality also available in Codeigniter 4, the Codeigniter 4 in Hindi is a complete series for beginners, We start from the zero so you guys easily understand the fundamental of the Codeigniter 4, we will give you the overview that how Codeigniter works, how Codeigniter URL works how can you remove the index.php from url in Codeigniter 4, once you learn the basic environment of Codeigniter 4 than we discuss Desing patters especially the MVC (Model View Controller) in Codeigniter 4 and dafinalty give you the concepts that how can you create the controller, how can you create the view and how can send the data from controller to view in Codeigniter 4, what are new functionality available in Codeigniter 4 views, nonce you learn the basics then we give you the concepts of helpers, built-in class/libraries in Codeigniter 4

We perform the CRUD operation in Codeigniter 4, so you can easily learn the data manipulation in Codeigniter 4, We also cover some projects with useful examples like how to add bootstrap 4 in codeigniter4, we also discuss the security in Codeigniter 4 so this is the compledte course in Codeigniter 4

What you’ll learn

  • Login system in
  • signup system
  • Crud operation
  • Crud operation using ajax
  • How to use bootstrap 4 in Codeigniter 4
  • How to add third party template/themes in Codeigniter 4
  • Projects and much more

Course requirements

  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, javascript, and jquery
  • Computer
  • Basic knowledge of PHP
  • Server
  • Basic knowledge of SQL and database

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My Name is Shehzad Ahmed and I am a full-time developer with over 7+ years of experience. In that time, I’ve worked as a developer with many big and small firms and was teaching web design and development skills to many keen learners and by the time passes I’ve found a great passion and potential on myself as a teacher on this particular field and now I am a full-time teacher and working as a freelancer.


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