The Complete CodeIgniter 4 Series with Bootstrap 4+Projects

Codeigniter 4

Before learning anything new you have to ask two questions about why..? and how..?

Why you need to learn Codeigniter 4..? I will teach you why you need to learn Codeigniter 4 with bootstrap 4  you can also learn Codeigniter 3.

What are the major concepts/updates coming with CodeIgniter 4, I will also compare each and every single concept with CodeIgniter 3 so you can easily understand the difference between CI3 with CI4 if you want to learn CodeIgniter 4 deeply than you are at the right place.

In this series, you will learn how and where you can start CodeIgniter 4  with worlds powerful front-end framework Bootstrap 4.

I will cover each and every fundamental concept in this series, once you complete the basic than I will teach you how to create web application and Website.

I will give you some concepts related to templates and why you need to break your HTML content into multiple views. I will also teach you the new things related to the template in CodeIgniter 4.

I will teach you how to use Helpers, libraries and query builder in CodeIgniter 4, you will learn how to create your application using MVC (Model View Controller) approach. You will learn how to validate your forms form server site and I will give you some tricks and tips related to security. You will also learn practical work of CodeIgniter with Bootstrap 4, I will teach you how can you send/receive data with AJAX(without page refresh). We use jQuery to send data from the client to Server with AJAX.

We will discuss the  ORM (Object Relational Mapping).

I will perform CRUD operation so you can easily understand the basic operation of CodeIgniter and yes we will also cover how can create the login and signup system in CodeIgniter 4.

While working on projects we always use the third party templates and of course the Admin panel template, don’t worry I am going to teach you how to use the third-party templates in CodeIgniter 4 and yes we will download the third party templates and also the admin panel.

we will also discuss the jquery plugin on how to add and use them in the project.

We will discuss layouts while working on views and while working on CodeIgniter 4 libraries we will discuss the new libraries and how to use them.

While working on the Model/database we will discuss two tools Using CodeIgniter’s Model and Using Entity Classes we will deeply learn this section because it’s necessary.

Course Content

Total learning: 36 lessons Time: 10 weeks

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I have been in the web design and development sector for over 5 years. I always provide high-quality courses which can be useful and practical for students, I am working for my community since 6 years and I have created thousands of lectures related to web development and different programming languages. Before selecting any course please make sure the language of the course because I am providing many courses in URDU and English language.


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