Download and install the composer in windows

While working on the project, it’s hard to download the packages/dependencies or required libraries, and if you are working on PHP, then it’s tough to manage your dependencies. Before starting, let me introduce your new friend, the Composer, Composer is a manager, or we can say it a dependency manager that provides the standard to manage the dependencies of PHP application/software. If you are working on PHP after a long time and you are still not familiar with Composer, then trust me, the Composer is your best friend while working on projects. We can save our time by using the Composer to download the packages or dependencies, many frameworks and application required Composer before starting on their environment like Laravel.

Today we are going to download and install the Composer on our windows machine. First, go to the official website of Composer and hit the download button and find the   Composer-Setup.exe. 


Once you download the setup, then click on it and begin your installation, hit the next button it will ask you “Choose the command-line PHP you want to use”  hit the Next button again.



If you are using the proxy, then click the checkbox button and define your proxy then hit the Next button. If you are not using the proxy, just click on the Next button.



Now it will show you the PHP version just hit the next button, and I am currently using the latest PHP version 7.2



Once again, hit the Next button and finish your installation.

Now go to your search panel in windows and type cmd, it’s your command prompt open it.



Now simply type Composer. It will show you the composer version.





Managing packages while working on projects is very hard, especially if you are working on PHP, so why you waste your time to download the packages OR dependencies form their sites.

Using Composer, you can download your packages and dependencies with a simple command (depend on which package you want to download). We can diminish our time to download the packages and libraries within a few seconds using the Composer.


My Name is Shehzad Ahmed and I am a full-time developer with over 7+ years of experience. In that time, I’ve worked as a developer with many big and small firms and was teaching web design and development skills to many keen learners and by the time passes I’ve found a great passion and potential on myself as a teacher on this particular field and now I am a full-time teacher and working as a freelancer.

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